Second Life

Online virtual world has a piracy problem now. This time it’s not corporations vs consumers but consumers, or should that be residents vs residents. By opening up the code to allow open source clients to be built Linden Labs may have inadvertently let the genie out of the bottle. As coders put together what is called a copybot allowing not only residents hard work in inventing virtual objects to be copied, but residents themselves can be cloned.

Linden is doing the best it can to mediate and pacify but ultimately does not want to play ‘god’ I suspect, asn that would be contrary to the user-created nature of the content of Second Life.

As has been reported widely there are people running businesses in Second Life who are affected by the copybots and, as in real life, where there is money to be made and lost warm fuzzy feelings of community soon evaporate.

How long until the first DMCA is served?

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