Filtering on video sites

This article in Business Week talks about the new software products being readied for use on video sharing sites to filter out copyrighted content.

With sites like MySpace, YouTube and Grouper needing to filter to avoid lawsuits, companies like Gracenote and Audible Magic are bringing products to market to do the filtering. What is not clear at the moment is just how effective these systems are – both in terms of stopping copyrighted content getting through but also in terms of avoiding false positives (wrongly identifying a video as copyrighted). As a result, as Lawrence Lessig notes in the Business Week article, much ‘new’ content made by public users may get taken down.

Sites are no doubt taking the iMesh approach of promising filtering but taking as long as possible to get it installed to maximise this period of free-for-all when they will have the most users. As soon as copyright material is filtered out, unless it is offered under licence in a compelling way to users, the userbase will flock elsewhere.

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