Wal-Mart advertising on Bit Torrent site

Variety reports that Wal-Mart ads have been appearing on The Pirate Bay. When I looked into this issue a couple of years back in the UK, it appeared that the Blue Chip companies whose ads were appearing next to porn and pirate material were mainly oblivious. The trouble is media buying agencies will often aportion some of the budget to picking up excess inventory at cheap prices. Final destination for the ads is rarely communicated to the client either in advance, or after. Companies not wishing their ads to appear in places out of their control need to ask for better accounting from the media agencies. That said, it does not mean there is no value advertising on P2P, but when so many P2P operations are acting illegally and so much content is undesirable to have a brand associated with care and accountability is vital.

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2 Comments on “Wal-Mart advertising on Bit Torrent site”

  1. It’s surprising to me that Variety would see this as news. Spend anytime on the net and you’ll soon see loads of examples of this sort of anomalous marketing. Only this morning I saw Tesco advertise on torrentspy. Like you say, they don’t know/care where they advertise.

    It seems to me you could make a strong case for saying music retailers SHOULD be advertising on those sites, to convert the torrent users who’ve abandoned the olde-worlde distribution in droves.

  2. rightsight Says:

    There is also an argument for a content owner wanting no retailers, relevant or not, or anyone else advertising on these sites since if no one advertises and their revenues dry up they die.

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