Allofmp3 may not have moved to the Ukraine

Well, since the company is still registered in Russia and most of the data still resides there it is not much of a move to the Ukraine. It’s easy enough to move your basic web site anywhere. Whilst there has been much speculation about which countries might stay safe havens for pirate sites I am not sure Ukraine is one of them. Ok, it is already home to some pirate sites, such as mp3sugar, but I suspect the right pressure from either the US or content industries woukld soon see the Ukraine acting to show that they can do what Russia could not. It would send the right message to potential investors in Ukraine.

One thing this highlights to me is that news moves so fast on the Web that the details often lag behind. In the rush to report the new p2pnet reported that allofmp3 had moved to Ukraine. It turns out that part of their web site moved and so far that’s about it. Might be a precursor to greater changes but it’s hardly true to report it’s moved. By reporting what was reported I, and Musically, may have propagated the story as true. Now I come to fill in some more details the story loses it’s punch.

So, on that note, I am now going to link to an altogether different article in the FT about how media buyers are trying to understand and use the nature of how a buzz builds in the blogosphere.

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