Action against CD-Wow for parallel imports

The BBC and the FT both have something today on BPI action against CD-Wow for selling parallel imports in the UK. Great quote from CD-Wow’s co-founder:

The current copyright laws are mad, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stick to them

Parallel imports are a common business practice which causes copyright owners a headache – arbitrage undermining carefully planned pricing strategies. In the music industry some CD booklets are printed with country flags on or local language, in order to make unauthorised export to another country less appealing. Whilst changing the packaging for a territory can bring (small) added cost it is probably the only reliable way to deter parallel importers. I suspect that as broadband penetration grows and CDs become more and more commoditised (accelerated by the budget type packaging in for example eastern European countries) there will be less and less of an appeal to parallel import.

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2 Comments on “Action against CD-Wow for parallel imports”

  1. emalyse Says:

    Hmmm, obviously if CD’s were competitively priced then CD Wow would not be so popular.Even if we accept that downloads are the growing medium of choice the UK still gets ripped off with prices higher than comparable download outlets in other countries (iTunes is an example of this).

  2. […] gets huge damages win Billboard reports that the BPI won its case (that we blogged about in february) against CD Wow for parallel importing with a damages award of more than £41m. […]

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