Conversion orgy

Well, not exactly, but that’s the unusual language offered in this article in Heise Online (which itself sounds like a german porn site to me). It’s is difficult to know how seriously to take all the DRM posturing going on in Europe right now but this one is that

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection has together with consumer organizations drawn up a “Charter for Consumer Sovereignty in the Digital World,”

which includes online music stores opening up their content to make it interoperable. Apparently the plan is to try to get this paper enshrined in European law.

When I read the reporting on the DRM debate there really seems to be danger of a polarisation of the discussion into DRM/no DRM, with interoperability as an option often being sidelined.

Freedom to Tinker indulge in music industry hatred, or is it merely schadenfreude, in this article but they make some interesting points about how music indiustry views have to some degree framed the way the DRM debate is reported in the mainstream press. They also point out that mp3s are not ‘unrestricted’ because they are restricted by copyright law. Check out the comments for the accusations of punditry…

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