eMusic weighs into the music DRM debate

The Independent tells how David Pakman, CEO of eMusic, predicts the demise major label DRM before the end of this year. He’s obviously in favour of no DRM since that is how eMusic operates, so no surprises there. It is also not a high risk prediction to make in the current climate of discussion around DRM, although I would be surprised if all DRM is gone by the end of the year. 

However I suspect this public statement is aimed at some of the indies like Domino and distributor Vital Pias Digital who are taking steps to remove their content from eMusic UK following the first royalty statements from that service. This may be about negotiating for better terms from eMusic which the major might get in the future. 

With ths in mind, Mr Pakman’s comments could be intended to serve as reminders to the likes of Domino and VPD that major labels might be on eMusic in the not too distant future and then it may threaten iTunes for the number one digital retailer spot, at which point not having repertoire on there may be a costly mistake. 

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