What does it take to stop allofmp3 ?

Allofmp3.com has been trading for some years now. I read recently that it has slipped down the ratings of top web sites. I don’t know how reliable Alexa are but today allofmp3 was at 1295 in their rankings of most popular web sites. I find this astounding given the difficulty in paying now that Visa (and Paypal) have withdrawn their payment services.

What has the music industry done to kill this site?

  • RIAA filed a suit in New York  (where allofmp3’s claim to legitimacy is alleged to be ‘potentially even more damaging’ than the downloading)
  • BPI brought an action to the UK courts
  • Civil Society of record Producers has brough an action in France
  • The IFPI gained a ruling in Denmark forcing an ISP to block access to the site

 Separately a former director is being pursued in the criminal courts in Moscow in a case moving with fits and starts probably according to who is bribing.

What is most likely to resolve this issue of the site that will not die is the agreement by the Russian government to force companies to gain direct agreements with copyright owners to use their copyrighted material, rather than the current collective management of copyright which allows allofmp3 to claim a get out.

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