This year the no. of legal downloaders will overtake no. of illegal downloaders

Since I could find nothing on the NPD site about this I have to shamelessly quote in full what MusicAlly had to say (somewhat ironic on a site about piracy but I hope you give them full credit for being the only source on this particular news item):

The NPD Group predicts that the number of legal music downloaders will overtake the number of P2P users this year, but says that the volume of files bought legally will still be swamped by the number being traded illegally via P2P or pirated CDs. NPD estimates that in 2006, there were 15 million US households where someone actively downloaded at least one music file from a P2P service, and 5 billion files downloaded in total. Limewire took a 62% share of P2P downloads, although BitTorrent-style services are on the rise. Meanwhile, in 2006 NPD says there were nearly 13 million US households using paid download services, with 500 million tracks in total. iTunes has a 70% share of these households.

Interesting, I wonder how NPD cater in their stats for the fact that many legal downloaders are also legal downloaders…

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