AnywhereCD sounds like a slightly rubbish new service selling CDs bundled with mp3s of the audio. Certainly the catalog range is not extensive. But, according to music industry pundits MusicAlly, the site is on the one hand ‘ a means to test legal waters’ and on the other is updating the CD offering by bundling with mp3s – something which at least one indie label has already done with vinyl. 

Warner objected to the discount for opting not to be sent the CD so that service has been pulled, but the pricing goes to show that it is not a budget option to use AnywhereCD.

Whilst clearly falling foul of UK private copying rules the site may be seeking to push at the poorly defined US private copying exemptions and, it should be noted, the site was founded by the ever controversial Michael Robertson founder of and mp3tunes.

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3 Comments on “AnywhereCD”

  1. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  2. rightsight Says:

    I am not going to get drawn into in depth reporting on this one right now, but AnywhereCD are now suing Warner Music…

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