Music industry wins against Yahoo! China

Remember a month or so ago I blogged about the music industry suing Yahoo! China? Well, at breakneck speed the case has been heard and decided – against Yahoo!

So it looks like the changes in the law since the Baidu case are in favour of lawsuits against link services. However I heard on the radio last night that the damages awarded are paltry and it is not clear that there is any onus put on services like Yahoo! so the hard work of identification and notification remains with the copyright owner.

I didn’t blog about this yet because there are so many papers to go through, but the US trade representative has filed a complaint to the WTO about China and it’s inadequate action on piracy issues. This may be China’s speedy public response to that complaint.

Expected effects? Yahoo! will probably appeal and the music industry may go after other similar services, like, er Baidu!?

 Btw, whilst we are on China I just noticed that the Chinese President wishes to purge ‘unhealthy’ content from the net, and China just overtook “the US as Japan’s biggest trading partner”

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