US plays teacher and puts 53 countries on piracy report

The US, as Headmaster of the global school, has published a report listing 12 countries as “priority watch” on the issue of piracy. According to the BBC report an unbelievable further 30 countries were placed on another lower priority list. So, in total, just shy of 50 nations are being watched by the US on the isssue of piracy. Given the difficulty of policing piracy in some of those nations and the problems RIAA and MPAA are having at home I wonder how much the report is a fyi rather than the basis for action. The chief culprits, China and Russia, are already being lobbied by the US, and there is  WTO complaint filed against China. Given the amount of piracy going on within the US –, Soulseek, YouTube, MySpace, and various bits of newsgroups and IRC – surely they should have added the US themselves to the lower priority list at least?

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