First Oscar Torrents, now Eurovision Torrents

The Pirate Bay seem to be systematically working their way through every set of entertainment copyright holders pissing them off one by one. The latest endeavour is The fact that you might not want the content as much as the infinitely more desirable Oscar Torrents content is no distraction from the headline-grabbing nature of the site.

It is amazing that this site is still alive considering it’s aggresive PR stance. But as a recent article in Forbes notes, there are just so many of these sites. The same article explains how TPB is relying for it’s defence on the distinction between hosting the content and merely linking to the content.

I think I have said this before but, given the damage being done to entertainment businesses and how long it take for legal process to produce a result, it is surprising we don’t see sites like this being taken down by technical or illegal methods.

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