Piracy in the UK

This makes fascinating reading. It is the piracy section of the Fifth Report of the Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport on New Media and Creative Industries in the UK.

It has been widely reported (BBC, Jupiter, Independent) that the report was welcomed by the music industry for it’s recommendation to extend the recorded works copyright term from the current 50 years to 70 years. But none of the main news sources have reported the other main points and recommendations.

The report covers a lot of ground and gives a good insight into the issues involved in addressing digital piracy in the UK are. The main points are :

  1. Government has set aside £5m for local government enforcement
  2. Damages currently have little deterrent effect because they are not ‘exemplary’
  3. Recommendation to ban camcording
  4. Consumers are confused about home copying. A new exemption should be created for domestic use.
  5. Rejection of levies to redress the damage done by home-copying.
  6. That release windows for film contribute to piracy.
  7. That the BBC has a role to play in conveying “the message to users that content should be respected
  8. Informal education on copyright in schools.
  9. Not to interfere on DRM – let the market decide – so long as DRm does not interfere with statutory provisions.
  10. May be impractical to make ISPs liable but they must establish an industry body asap to address the issue of copyrighted content flowing through their services.
  11. Onus on internet news web sites to opt out of search listings if they do not want their content to be included.
  12. The onus is on the BBC Trust to acknowledge that there is potential for the BBC’s activities to have a damaging impact on the commercial sector and that different elements of its plans have differing impacts, and we believe that the BBC must be scrupulous in addressing all the relevant markets and impacts in its Public Value Tests. ‘

The creative industries may want the private copying exemption to be glossed over but they will no doubt be leaning heavily on this report to support calls for ISPs to get responsible on piracy, the BBC to be closely scrutinised in it’s effect on the market and the term of copyright for recorded works to be extended.  Given the interest these issues have generated already it seems the stage is set for long ongoing debate between players involved in the creative industries. It is also clear that government is actively interested, watching and not averse to participating.

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One Comment on “Piracy in the UK”

  1. […] vs Gowers I forgot to mention in my post on Piracy in the UK that the government has torespond to every recommendation made in the Select Committee report […]

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