Bit Torrent site to log user activity

A federal judge has ordered TorrentSpy to log user activity on the site. TorrentSpy has until June 12th to file an appeal. Afterdawn gives more detail and gives this quote from TorrentSpy’s attorney:

“It is likely that TorrentSpy would turn off access to the U.S. before tracking its users. If this order were allowed to stand, it would mean that Web sites can be required by discovery judges to track what their users do even if their privacy policy says otherwise.”

If this judgement stands up, which would be a shock, it would  certainly need some clarification, but may also provide content owners with another legal channel to bring down or limit the operations of copyright infringing or infringement enabling sites situated in the US.

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One Comment on “Bit Torrent site to log user activity”

  1. Peter Colton Says:

    The torrent tracker is the main place where peer’s ip address can be collected. The torrent index sites just have the .torrent file. The bittorent tracker is the weak link. The country location of the tracker can all have a bearing subject.

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