London Calling

The Register reports on some of the comments made at the end of London Calling last week. Jon Kennedy of IFPI and Alison Wenham of AIM were among others talking about the problems facing the music industry.

Problems cited included:

  • no performance rights in Japan
  • no broadcast rights in the USA
  • consumers exploring the old music they already own rather than buying new music
  • AW: “We need to monetize the usage of our music – whether or not we delivered it in the first place.”
  • JK: “Competing with free

Reasons for hope included:

  • Mobile in Japan
  • New revenue from performance/broadcast rights in territories which historically do not have them enshrined in law
  • New business models in (particularly) mobile where there are large potential user bases.

Tim Clark formerly of Island Records was most quotable, saying  “If Ford’s revenues were down 40 per cent, the shareholders would be revolting“. Well what is happening at each label may be a bit more subtle than that but it underescores the point that all the reasons for optimism above need to pan out before too much time runs out.  

Reasons for hope included:

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