Tackling music piracy in the workplace

The BPI is investigating allegations of music copyright infringment at Honeywell through a file-sharing network on the company network.

 The Guardian reports the Honeywell spokesperson as saying: 

“Similar to the recording industry, Honeywell vigorously protects its vast portfolio of intellectual property from others attempting to capitalise on their value and the strength of the Honeywell brand. We will continue to fully cooperate with investigators and the BPI.”

This kind of activity must be rife. Companies had this going on back in 2000 in the early days of Napster – think how much more widespread it must be now. There are also now companies offering to track down companies hosting such activity, most of whom are probably oblivious to what employees are doing. 

Oh, and Allofmp3.com is down. But Russia, well the same company Media Services, spawns more sites just the same – Mp3sparks. I wonder how long it will take for payment mechanisms to be removed…

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One Comment on “Tackling music piracy in the workplace”

  1. rightsight Says:

    more on Allofmp3
    and a surprisingly balanced set of viewpoints in the comments

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