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Rants about copyright laws come before fact-checking

September 24, 2007

Variety reported that the German government had made it illegal to copy CDs, even for personal use. The story was then picked up by BoingBoing which, fortunately, allows comments on its posts thereby enabling users who had read up some of the German reportage (e.g.) to reveal inaccuracies in Variety’s article.

From the users comments it becomes clear that:

  • ‘the law still allows people to make copies of CDs and DVDs for personal use as long as those media do not have any protection mechanism on them. what makes this illegal is the cracking of a protection mechanism.’
  • ‘the part of the new copyright law which says that breaking copy protection or encryption is illegal is actually not new, this was already the case before.’
  • ‘The private copy becomes illegal if it’s made from an illegal source.’
  • The levies system is being slightly updated.

 Now the Variety article sits on the internet hopelessly inaccurate and out of date whilst the BoingBoing article is an example how to use your readership to your advantage. Hell, I well know that Boing Boing is dead against anything copyright owners do to stick up for their IP but at least it is happy to stand corrected when it runs away with itself.


Prince suing the digital big boys

September 14, 2007

Prince has been sucked in by publicity hungry company Web Sheriff , giving them an opportunity to crow about themselves like they did a few months ago. Anyway the Sheriff announces that Prince is going to sue YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay plus possibly others. I don’t suppose the Pirate Bay suit will get very far but may add weight to any industry activities in that direction.

Some of the press have suggested it is a shame that an artist who was so ahead of the game (NPG Shop and Club etc) with digital would resort to suing, but I think that misses the point that his work is being exploited on a huge scale against his wishes and any campaign for control of and remuneration for use of copyrighted works could do with a high profile artist in there.

Despite the publicity this will gain it’s a shame to spend his earnings from extended touring on lawyers!

A journo reflects on the watermarked cd advance…

September 10, 2007

… in particular the one he had that then got uploaded to P2P…. 

The evolution of the format of choice

September 10, 2007

…from This is London music blog whilst mulling over the Klaxons’ Mercury Prize win:

“the remix, appended to some fashionable blog, is probably the form of our times, in much the way that the 7-inch single was in the 60s and the 12-inch LP was in the 70s.”

Interesting? why?

Well the difference with teh arrival of the remix on a blog is that the remix is usually distributed throughout the public i) outside of the record company’s control, ii) in a non-royalty paying form (i.e. copyright infringing post).