Whilst shutting down The Pirate Bay is so far eluding the content owners the music industry has just reported a success against one of the most notorious private Bit Torrent sites – OiNK. The press release from the IFPI says that UK and Dutch police carried out raids and a male was arrested in the UK. You can bet this raid is an important one since OiNK prides itself on getting high-quality, clean copies of pre-release albums for release to the internet and is therefore high up in the food chain of pre-release piracy.

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5 Comments on “OiNK”

  1. Dutchy Says:

    This is a disgrace.

    Oink was the core of my much enjoyed eclectic musical taste.
    If it wasn’t for Oink – I would not have tasted the groove’s and sounds of so many unappreciated artists.

    There was alot more to Oink other than “obtaining unreleased albums”.

  2. Oscar Says:

    What a tragedy, Oink was a lovely place, oink oink..

    Lot’s of narrow music genres and a good community, let’s hope the servers were encrypted and all evidence useless.

  3. Nipples Says:

    I agree with the above poster. I’ve been able to get albums no_longer_available_what_so_ever solely due to oink, aswell as getting introduced to so many artists whom I’ve then supported by buying albums and going to live performances – artists I would have never heard of if it wasn’t for oink. 99% of the music industry makes squat from album sales, they’re solely a means to get their music heard. So unless your a I-sold-my-soul-to-corperate-satan-to-get-on-the-top-50 (who make up 1% of artists), the real money artists make is from live performances. The only reason the government gives two shits about piracy is because multi-million-dollar record companies are losing money due to it, not the artists themselves. Record companies dug their own grave by screwing over artists like Tool, and leaning on musicians too heavily to create a more ‘sellable’ sound. The internet is the music distribution of the future, and don’t tell me Apple or whatever are providing a good alternative to piracy, I’m maticously anal about quality, and 128kbps just doesn’t cut it, not by a LONG shot.

    RIP oink – you will be missed.

  4. geoffreyking Says:

    I didn’t know much about OiNK, but I had slightly heard of it. Then it came on the TY news today. From what they said about how it operated, it sounds like it was pretty vulnerable. It sounds a lot like the way the original Napster worked.
    I’ve no doubt someone somewhere will set up something similar, and that will get closed down, and somebody else will set up something else, and so on. It’s a never-ending game of cat and mouse.
    If they ever work out a way to close down Usenet then I’ll really get worried!

  5. >_<. Oink was amazing.. it has so much undiscovered music. What a shame!

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