Music in China

That long tail chap Chris Anderson has been galavanting around for new ideas and got to China. His blog post about music in China covers the headline points about ringtones and Baidu but links to an article on The Register by a Beijing-based Western A&R guy. Sa Ding Ding (on Wrasse Records)A fascinating read it paints a vivid and informed picture of the state of the music industry in China today – the prevalance of recorded music piracy and why, despite millions of music consumers, it is hard to earn money from recorded music and even from 360-degree(esque) deals.

Among other factors:

Today’s China sees single-track, naked MP3s being Bluetoothed, file-shared, emailed, flash-disked, hard-drive-dumped and herded around the digital sphere in complete anonymity. Targeting potential listeners for your band in this scramble of a market is incredibly difficult because, in a great deal of cases, even your potential listener doesn’t know what he or she is listening to.

I wonder how much that happens elsewhere. Ed remains optimistic but it is hard to see how this particular potential market can be converted.

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