SPFF wakes up

French collecting society SPFF has said it will not tolerate sites using it’s members music without licensing. To this end, about two years after if first became popular, it has filed a suit against RadioBlogClub. Maybe Deezer next? Surely this new crusade has been precipitated by the recent agreement by ISPs to suspend/terminate user accounts of copyright infringers.

The lack of urgency of some of these industry bodies to stick up for the rights of their members beggars belief. It is not impossible that the members were also backwards in coming forward so as not to invite unpopularity with their “consumers”.

Speedy licensing of most services is clearly the best outcome for most parties, with the availability of copyright infringement suits as a strong incentive to talk terms. Better late than never for the content owners that SPFF can be taken seriously as representing the infringement suits threat.

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