Originally this blog set out to cover the fascinating phenomenon of digital entertainment piracy. Made possible by the emergence of digital formats and their increasing availability, constantly evolving, and involving large numbers of globally dispersed participants. Different people have different reasons for engaging in it – from the ripping groups to the casual home file-sharer, to commercial piracy operations.

I noticed that online reporting on the subject tended to be polarised between anti-establishment file-sharers and media-bashing journalists at one end and the conservative or defensive utterances of the content owners themselves. The purpose of this blog is to explore the space in between these two divergent views of digital entertainment piracy. To ponder whether piracy will permanently damage the content industries or create innovation and new channels to market that in future will be integral.

I have now expended coverage to include other aspects of digital entertainment consumption that are too irresistibly fascinating not to cover. I hope you enjoy and feel like participating inthe debate!



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