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Premier League sues YouTube

May 5, 2007

Following their threats to the 101GreatGoals blog last year, the Premier League is suing YouTube for copyright infringement. Blogger Nick at points out some of the interesting territorial aspects of the case as well as the point that apparently the Premier League is requesting a class action suit, which would mean one case against Google/YouTube for all content copyright holders.

Techdirt suggests the PL want a piece of Viacom’s action. You will of course remember that Viacom is the biggest recent big name to sue YouTube. Google recently responded to the Viacom claims, apparently saying that the rights of millions of net users were under threat if Viacom’s claims were upheld.


it’s all going on…

October 10, 2006
Universal Music and Sony BMG both do deals with YouTube, probably eliminating at a stroke (well, almost) the worst single video copyright infringement problem on the internet.

Google buys YouTube so now owns all the YouTube infringement in addition to those it hosts links to on Blogspot blogs.

And then … on Paid Content, Disney co-chair Anne Sweeney is reported at Mipcom as saying “We understand now that piracy is a business model,” said Sweeney, twice voted Hollywood’s most powerful woman by the Hollywood Reporter. “It exists to serve a need in the market for consumers who want TV content on demand. Pirates competes the same way we do – through quality, price and availability. We we don’t like the model but we realise it’s competitive enough to make it a major competitor going forward.”

I got a few days out of the office then will get things back up to date…