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Copyright in India

August 10, 2007

There is a lot of focus in the digital entertainment industries on the opportunities and threats in China. So much so that often India with it’s 1.1 billion population is overlooked. India has some strange non-digital anomalies, like the popularity of music cassettes (rest of market is 67% CDs, 9% digital), and the widely reported infrastructure issues conspire to make India seem a less sure bet than China.

India also has a popular film tradition, known as Bollywood, and a large percentage of music is of domestic origin (91% according to IFPI). However, a large population of English speakers, a growing middle class, a legal system based on the English system (i.e. includes acknowledgement of copyright) and a rapid rate of mobile subscriber growth , all suggest many opportunities for Anglo-American content owners.

Here’s a helpful FAQ targetted at startups in the digital media space about copyright in India.

And if you thought I was joking above about cassettes  – among the top independent labels in India are Super Cassettes Industries and Venus Records and Tapes Ltd.!