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Starting… and Kazaa

July 31, 2006

This blog came about because I noticed that online reporting on digital piracy tended to be polarised between anti-establishment file-sharers and media-bashing journalists at one end and the conservative or defensive utterances of the content owners themselves. The purpose of this blog is to explore the space in between these two divergent views of digital entertainment piracy. To ponder whether piracy will permanently damage the content industries or create innovation and new channels to market that in future will be integral.Diving straight in…

So Kazaa settles with the entertainment industry….. Some of the terms of settlement are secret, Sharman put out a press release talking about how they wanted to go legit for so long. And I am wondering what ever happened to the other P2P services that wanted to go legit such as iMesh..?

Wired mentions that the settlement was $115m to the music industry with a lesser sum to the film industry and that these sums are already mostly paid.,71475-0.html?tw=rss.index

PaidContent links to Reuters, Associated Press and The Guardian

RedHerring focuses on the potential for collaboration between P2P and the music/film industries as formerly illegal services go legit

Business 2.0 Blog asks where did Kazaa get all that money anyway…?

Press release from Sharman Networks

Paul Resnikoff comments on how the legal process moves so much slower than the technology invovled.