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The Complete Mozart

August 23, 2006

I just saw what must take the biscuit in the world of audio torrents ….. a torrent containing what it claims is the complete Mozart – the equivalent of 170 CDs of lossless Mozart, probably taken from this… to Mininova stats today there are currently 10 seeders and almost 200 leechers and the 40GB has been downloaded almost 1000 times in the two days the torrrent has been active. 

In the users comments are the usual arguments about sound quality, with some additional discussion on file size and a link to another torrent also offering a huge collection of Mozart which is half the size but in mp3 format.

Clearly the classical recorded music market is also being bitten by P2P in quite an organised way.


piracy begets great art

August 23, 2006

On an unlikely to be repeated light note here is a song about the morality of downloading, called “Don’t download this song” 

The bad turn good

August 21, 2006

I have been waiting on more information on the French interoperability laws. So far I nothing of any depth worth writing about so in the meantime it is noteable that EMI have licensed their catalog to legal P2P Qtrax and that Altnet have become friends of the MPAA and the IFPI by devloping their global file registry of copyrighted works which they will be offering to third parties to check content against. One by one excuses for ISPs not to filter illegal content are being eroded, but still they do nothing. I wonder how long this can go on…