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The Beijing Intellectual Property Office asleep on the job

May 30, 2007

Most eyes in China have been watching the main stock index as it fell in response to a large rise on stock purchase stamp duty. That means that very few people probably noticed this classic photo posted on from the 10th Chinese High Tech Expo. Let me quote directly:

Here is the booth from the Beijing Intellectual Property Office. The office oversees intellectual property enforcement in the city. They have a hotline–dial 12312–to report intellectual property infringement in a country awash with pirated software and movies. (Pirated Windows XP sells for $1.30 in the streets, for example.) The man attending the booth, though, is taking a nap. Does anyone else see the irony?

Click on the following pages to see the kind of gadgets currently coming out of the Chinese tech industry.


“Social” ripping and burning

May 30, 2007

According to an NPD report cited in the New York Times:

 The “social” ripping and burning of CDs among friends — which takes place offline and almost entirely out of reach of industry policing efforts — accounted for 37 percent of all music consumption, more than file-sharing.

BPI gets huge damages win

May 30, 2007

Billboard reports that the BPI won its case (that we blogged about in february) against CD Wow for parallel importing with a damages award of more than £41m.

Is it okay to circumvent DRM in Europe?

May 29, 2007

A Finnish court has ruled that a defendent was innocent of infringing copyright by cracking CSS and publishing code to do so. The defendent’s blog tells the story which is retold elsewhere with an overview of the potential circularity of the logci and with the catchy headline – Legal Gymnastics: It’s okay to circumvent drm in europe if its circumventable. It remains to be seen what impact this decision will have outside of Finland.

Whittingdale vs Gowers

May 25, 2007

I forgot to mention in my post on Piracy in the UK that the government has torespond to every recommendation made in the Select Committee report within 60 days. So very soon it will be known where the UK government stands on the copyright extension debate (and other issues) that is now being seen as Whittingdale vs Gowers.

The Market Function of Piracy

May 23, 2007

Not much time to write today so here’s a link to an article on ‘The Market Function of Piracy‘ from The Ludwig von Mises Institute. No I hadn’t heard of them before.

A fair(y) use tale

May 22, 2007

Let’s turn to our most mentioned educational institution and hotbed of piracy, Stanford, where the School of Law’s Center for Internet and Society links to  this video mashup of Disney characters explaining copyright.  According to the Stanford page it was put together by Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University.