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Leaseweb update

December 3, 2007

Not much reporting on this but most of the public BT indexes did leave Leaseweb by the Dec 1 deadline and most did leave Holland. Holland still hosts a large number of private trackers, with many of them residing at Leaseweb. Still, it appears to show that pressure on an ISP can result in services moving. The content industry faces the challenge of making forced migration a painful  cost of doing business and as such a hurdle to staying in operation. The fallout from this will probably show just how easy it is to move to another country and continue operations.


More ISP action. This time Holland.

November 26, 2007

The music industry has been focusing some of it’s anti-piracy action on ISP’s. As reported in France it seems to be moving forward apace with some level of agreement between ISPs, content owners and the government.

In Holland, music industry body BREIN has been hassling ISP LeaseWeb to the point where they want Bit Torrent indexes to clear off by Dec 1 – see 

This may not seem that significant until you consider that Netherlands has been somewhat a safe haven and LeaseWeb has been ISP of choice in that haven, at one time or another providing homes for indexes and/or trackers such as , , , , , , , , ,  and

Now will all these sites move to other ISP’s in Holland – such as KDIS, EuroAccess or TrueServer – or will the other popular Dutch ISP’s feel the same way as LeaseWeb? I don’t know what made LeaseWeb take this action but it must have been a commercial decision or one provoked by possible costly legal proceedings .

One other question. Where is the film industry in all this current anti-piracy activity?